"Moshiach is ready to come now-our part is to increase in acts of goodness and kindness" -The Rebbe

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gimmel Tammuz--join the Rebbe's holy work!

Dear Friend,

The holy day of Gimmel Tammuz is almost upon us, and so it surely behooves us to take a moment to reflect on the meaning and lesson of this day. The Rebbe gave us an important mission, a call that rings constantly in the ears of his every chossid: "Do everything you can to bring Moshiach!" (see here). 

Now, although the Rebbe called for many, many activities from his followers, and from all Jews, with the goal of completing our task in exile and bringing the final redemption, there was one particular task that he emphasized time and again is the "mission of our generation" (see here, for example)--the dissemination of Judaism in general, and the teachings of Chassidus in particular. In fact, the Rebbe declared in his very first address (see bottom of the page here) that the goal of disseminating Judaism in general, as crucial as it is, is in fact subordinate to the latter--the goal of disseminating the teachings of Chassidus. As the Rebbe taught countless times, based on the promise of Moshiach to the Baal Shem Tov, the mass dissemination of Chassidus is the key to bringing Moshiach.

Although I trust that you, as a loyal chossid of the Rebbe, are surely devoted to this mission, please take a moment to consider supporting my activities, which are exclusively devoted to the above cause (with the help of Hashem). 

For the last four years I have maintained a website, www.a-farbrengen.blogspot.com. On it I have produced a consistent output of high-quality articles and essays--now numbering over 400!--on various topics related to the teachings and the lifestyle of ChassidusPlease make note that many of the topics that I address and the materials that I present are not available in English anywhere else. I have also distributed these postings via a growing e-mail list to subscribers worldwide, and you have been one of my loyal readers.

Do you like what you read? The articles I write require a lot of time and effort—for research, writing, and reviewing. And w
ith Hashems help, I hope to greatly develop this material, and compile it into a full-length book.

There are two things you can do in order join this effort. If you are unable to help me in both, then please consider helping out in at least one of them.

1. Do you have some friends who are looking for a refreshing boost of spiritual inspiration after a long, gruelling day at work, and would like to have the benefit of receiving regular updates in their email inbox to peruse at their convenience? I would imagine you do. Please consider referring them to me so that I can add them to my growing mailing list (which currently numbers 800+). And if every current reader can refer at least five people to me, I can multiply my readership many times, with the help of Hashem.

2. Thank G-d, I am blessed with a beautiful family that I must support. And so in order to continue this public service, financial assistance is needed. Please make a donation in order to help support these efforts.
For just $36, please sponsor an article in honor of your loved one/s. I would suggest that you sponsor an article regularly in honor of your anniversary, in honor of the birthdays of your various family members, and in honor of the yohrtzeits of your departed loved ones. This donation can also be made lirefuah sheleimah, or in honor of a bris, wedding, or the like.

If you are able, please consider making a more substantial donation, to sponsor a series of articles, a full-length booklet, or even an entire book. And if there is a specific subject in Chassidus that is close to your heart, and you would like to sponsor an article discussing that particular topic, I would be eager to do so.

Please click on the Donate image on the right-hand-side of my site in order to make a secure donation via PayPal. Or, to send me a check, please get in touch with me via email for my mailing information.

Thank you, and best wishes for a meaningful and uplifting Gimmel Tammuz. And most importantly, may Moshiach come now, enabling us to spend this year's Gimmel Tammuz in our holy city of Yerushalayim, with the third Beis HaMikdash, with no more joy and sorrow, and reunited with our dear Rebbe (see here), and be privileged to again hear Chassidus from his holy mouth on Gimmel Tammuz of this year!

Yours sincerely,

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