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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coping with the post-Gimmel Tammuz situation

We find ourselves in a very difficult time. We do not see the Rebbe, but we know with certainty that he is still with us, for “a shepherd will not abandon his flock.” In a sense this situation is unprecedented, in that after the Histalkus of every earlier Rebbe there was a successor. However, in our situation the Rebbe continues to be our Rebbe even after his Histalkus.

There is much confusion and ignorance about how to approach the Rebbe/Chossid relationship in this time. I think it is important to search in the teachings of Raboseinu Nesi’einu and compile sources that can provide guidance and encouragement in this trying time, until we are reunited openly with the Rebbe—“ve’lo yikoneif od morecho, vehayu einecho roi’ois es morecha” (Yeshaya 30:20). I hope to do so in this blog.
Please contact me if you know of any helpful sources, especially obscure ones.


  1. If it's all there in the teachings of our Rebbeim, why must we make little booklets for the Chabadnikim to learn, instead of having them look into the s'farim and learn chassidus?

  2. You can say that about a compilation on any topic. The same question could be asked about making indexes, something that the Rebbe encouraged strongly. The fact is that especially in the yeridas hadoros of our time compilations (and indexes) make it easier for a person to study a topic, a person who may not have the opportunity, ability, or desire to thoroughly research the topic from the original. Also, even thorough research may fail to turn up certain obscure sources that the compiler can make readily available. Compilations are therefore a very important, praiseworthy community service.

  3. Indeed they are, but it's not the derech that Chabadnikim should be using to study chassidus.

  4. I would think that the letters of the Rebbe after the histalkus on yud shvat would be particularly useful.

  5. chanie: So you think it's never acceptable lechatchileh to study from a compilation or use an index?

    Menashe: Indeed, I am planning to post from those letters!

  6. An index, yes. But today's compilations are shfache maaisos.


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