"Moshiach is ready to come now-our part is to increase in acts of goodness and kindness" -The Rebbe

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yes, Times Have Changed

Yes, Times Have Changed

Rabbi Y. Oliver

“Times have changed,” some people say. And they use this claim—some more subtly, and others more blatantly—to excuse all sorts of neglect and failure, repeating ad nauseam with the catch-cry of “times have changed.”

Yes, it’s true. “Times have changed.” However, in fact this is a reason for us to strive even more diligently in our mission:

Yes, “times have changed.” We are closer to
Moshiach than ever before. This requires that we intensify our preparations all the more.

Yes, “times have changed.” In many respects, the darkness of the exile has worsened (especially since the Rebbe was hidden from us on
Gimmel Tammuz), requiring us to shed light all the more.

Yes, “times have changed.” We have access to an incomparably greater amount of
Chassidus than ever before, obligating us to strive all the more to study it, meditate upon it, and apply it to ourselves.

Yes, “times have changed.” Modern communication enables us to disseminate
Yiddishkeit, Chassidus, and the Noahide laws on an incomparably wider scale than ever before, making us all the more responsible to use these tools for holiness.

Yes, “times have changed.” Before Gimmel Tammuz, a chossid could have thought that he could tell the Rebbe what he wanted to tell and hide what he wanted to hide, but now he knows that since the Rebbe has transcended the limitations of a physical body, one can hide nothing from him (see here).

Yes, “times have changed.” Before 28
Nissan 5751 we could still talk ourselves into thinking that the Rebbe would take care of bringing Moshiach. But once the Rebbe told us unequivocally, “I am giving it over to you—do everything you can to bring Moshiach,” there’s no more fooling ourselves, is there?

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