"Moshiach is ready to come now-our part is to increase in acts of goodness and kindness" -The Rebbe

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Key to Bringing Moshiach

What is the reason for the name given to the Alter Rebbe’s holy work, the Tanya?
Tanya begins with the word tanya despite the fact that the prevalent version of the text quoted at the beginning of Tanya starts differently—“darash Rebbi Simla’i.” As is known, there is a Kelipah called tanya that opposes the study of the secrets of Torah, through which we draw the redemption near. By beginning in this way, with the word tanya, the Alter Rebbe intended to weaken and nullify this Kelipah, and therefore to draw close and bring the actual redemption.
Sefer HaSichos 5751, Vol. 1, p. 189, fn. 113.
Let’s face it: the neglect of the study of pnimiyus HaTorah, the inner dimension of the Torah, is widespread, and found even among those who have been taught how important this study is. We need to understand that is no coincidence. There’s a fierce battle going on. Since dissemination of this wisdom is the key to bringing Moshiach, the Kelipah fights back with every tool in its arsenal to “cool off” this study by creating an inner and outer resistance.

However, this very knowledge empowers us, for then “the game is up,” and when we encounter this resistance, we see through it. We realize that all the explanations given for the neglect of this study, no matter how logical, sensible, and even pious they sound, are nothing but pathetic, empty excuses. Worse—they are a devious ploy of the evil inclination to distract us from what we should be doing, for it knows that this study is the key to its downfall.

We then devote ourselves consistently and fearlessly, with redoubled effort, to studying this wisdom in tremendous depth and in great amounts, and disseminating it as widely as possible, with enthusiasm and love. And with this devotion, we will succeed at bringing
Moshiach NOW.


  1. Never fear. Some people, when confronted, will tell you that they have learned Tanya somewhat (or were exposed to it) and even have it at home somewhere.

  2. We know that others are making excuses. What we have to realise is that WE are making excuses for failing to devote ourselves to this task on OUR level.


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