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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chassidus Chabad is for everyone

The Rebbe writes:
I must respond to what you write at the beginning of your letter, that you are not a Chabad woman, and yet you write to me. This contradicts the saying of the Alter Rebbe, the author of the Tanya, and the founder of the approach of the school of Chassidus Chabad, who declared that this approach is the inheritance of the entire Jewish peopleevery man and woman.

This philosophy and its message are not at fault for the fact that at the moment, certain circles have not yet fully accepted it. Moreover, a significant segment of the people in these circles are not at fault for this; rather, this is on account of peripheral, superficial reasons. Clearly, these people are not able to reduce their inherent connection to this philosophy, because they only suffer from a matter of lack of knowledge, which will surely be rectified over the course of time.

Igros Kodesh, Vol. 16, pp. 278-279.
In summary, Chassidus Chabad is meant for every single Jewish man and woman to study and become inspired by, and the only explanation for the fact that they haven’t yet accepted it is nonessential reasons for which they are blameless. However, if they will be introduced appropriately to this wisdom, they will surely accept it, and ultimately this will happen.

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