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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Rebbe's love for Chassidim, and vice versa

The Previous Rebbe describes the special love in the Rebbe/chossid relationship:
אהבה איז דער רוח החיים אין עבודת החסידות, דער חוט המקשר חסידים איינעם מיט דעם אנדערען, און דער חוט המקשר רבי מיט חסידים און חסידים מיט'ן רבי'ן. עס איז הן בדרך אור ישר הן בדרך אור חוזר, האט קיינע מחיצות ניט, און עס איז העכער פון דער הגבלה פון מקום וזמן

היום יום כו שבט.
Ahava, love, is the breath of life in the Avoda [divine service] of Chassidus. It is the thread that binds chassidim to each other, that binds the Rebbe to the chassidim, and the chassidim to the Rebbe. Ahava works in a direct way [initiated affection] and also in a reflective way [responding the other person’s affection]. It knows no barriers and transcends the limits of time and space.

HaYom Yom 26 Shevat.
In my own words:

teaches that in the Rebbe-chossid relationship, three types of love should be actively developed:
  • the Rebbe should develop love for the chassidim;
  • the chassidim should develop love for the Rebbe; and
  • the chassidim should develop love for one another.
This could be a love that is initiated, or a love that comes as a response to the other person:
  • when the Rebbe initiates an expression of love for the chassidim, the chassidim respond in kind, or vice versa;
  • when one chossid initiates an expression of love for another chossid, he responds in kind.

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