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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yechidah: Suprarational stubbornness

Yechidah: Suprarational stubbornness

Rabbi Y. Oliver

The Jew’s bond with Hashem at the soul-level of Yechidah transcends intellect completely, even the intellect of the Divine Soul.

The Yechidah is also known as the “eisan of the soul.”[1] The word eisan means firm, for this level is firm and unyielding to any force that might separate the Jew from Hashem, G–d forbid. Of this stubbornness to obey Hashem the Jewish people are called “a stiff-necked nation”[2] in the positive sense.[3]

In the Hoshanos liturgy,[4] it is written: “It embraces and is attached to You, it carries Your yoke, the Yechidah to unite You.” This alludes to the qualities of the soul-level of Yechidah:

  • “It embraces and is attached to You”: The core of every Jew, no matter who he may be, is connected to Hashem’s very Essence. This expresses itself in the Jewish custom to constantly thank and otherwise refer to Hashem, such as by saying “boruch Hashem.”[5]
  • “It carries Your yoke”: Regardless of his external behavior, the Jew’s Yechidah naturally submits to and “carries” the yoke of observance of Torah and Mitzvos.
  • “The Yechidah to unite with You”: On this level, the bond with Hashem is so deep that the Jew is even willing to give up his life rather than sin.[6] Of this the Alter Rebbe taught: “A Jew neither desires, nor is able, to sever himself from G–dliness.”[7] 
(For one way to reveal the Yechidah, see here.)

Based on the Previous Rebbe’s Ma’amar Hachodesh hazeh lachem 5685, pp. 16-17.

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Dedicated by Reb Shmuel Leib and Sara Rochel Markel in honor of the birth of their daughter, Yehudis bas Shmuel Leib. Yegadluha leTorah, lechuppah, ulemaasim tovim mitoch harchavah!

Dedicated in the merit of a speedy release for the captives Yonasan ben Malka (Jonathan Pollard), Jacob Ostreicher (Yaakov Yehuda ben Shaindel), Alan Gross (Aba Chonah ben Hava Chana), Sholom Mordechai Halevi ben Rivka (Sholom Rubashkin), and Zeva Rochel bas Chaya (Wendy Weiner Runge).

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