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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Unnoticed dollars and unscathed picture

I heard the following story from Yaakov Cohen of the Beis Yisroel neighborhood of Yerushalayim. He is from a Litvishe background, went to the Mir Yeshiva as a bochur, and still identifies as such

When visiting America in 5743, he visited Crown Heights and received dollars from the Rebbe. He has since left these dollars on open display in his parents’ home. Recently, while the family was away on a day trip, Arabs broke into their home and combed every millimeter of the house, stealing anything and everything that they could find of value. There was only one thing that they missed—the dollars of the Rebbe that were on open display!

This strikes me as very similar to the episode in India, where terrorists attacked the Beis Chabad, killing all there (may their blood be avenged) and devastating the entire building—but leaving a large picture of the Rebbe unscathed.

To me, the significance of this is that the Rebbe represents a level of holiness so sublime and powerful that no kelipos, forces of evil, can touch it.

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