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Monday, March 1, 2010

Maintaining the balance II

Earlier we discussed the idea that serving Hashem requires that one constantly balance criticism and praise, a sense of lowliness and a sense of pride and joy, and so on.

One of the ways to attain this clarity is through attending a chassidishe farbrengen. This idea is reflected in the
chassidishe saying that, like the Parah Adumah, a farbrengen “purifies the impure while contaminating the pure” (Yoma 14a).

Some people are “impure,” for they feel that they have degenerated so low through sin that there is no hope for them. They are “purified” and uplifted at a
farbrengen to realize that Hashem loves them and wants them to return, and thus despite everything, their Teshuvah will be accepted, and they can rectify the damage that they have done.

Conversely, a
farbrengen attended by those who imagine themselves “pure,” who are starting to feel complacency and pride at their great scholarship or outstanding accomplishments, has the opposite effect. Such people are “contaminated,” i.e., they are reminded of their shortcomings, and how far they are from where they should truly be.


  1. So, should people be personally criticized as it happens at some farbrengens, or do you mean that by hearing things discussed, each person will be pulled towards the more balanced position from where he is?

  2. One can reach this realization in any number of ways: through receiving criticism, through discussion, or through just singing a niggun or saying l'chaim.


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