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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Fundamental Components of Existence

The Fundamental Components of Existence:
Kedushah and Kelipah

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver

All physical beings draw their vitality from one of two fundamental spiritual energies: Kedushah, holiness, or Kelipah, evil or unholiness.

Kedushah is a spiritual energy that is in a state of bittul, submission to Hashem,[1] while Kelipah is a spiritual energy in a state of yeshus, a sense of ego that arrogantly declares “I exist” and denies the absolute reality of Hashem.

Although the Kelipah typically admits that Hashem exists, and even obeys His will in practice,[2] it feels itself independent from Hashem, and so it denies that He is the only true reality.[3]

Thus, the word Kelipah literally means “shell,” for this force conceals over the reality of Hashem just as a peel hides the fruit within it.[4]

The Nefesh HoElokis, the Divine Soul, stems from Kedushah, while the Nefesh HaSichlis, the Intellectual Soul, and the Nefesh HaBehamis, the Bestial Soul, stem from Kelipah.[5]

More specifically, these two latter souls stem from the higher level of Kelipah known as Kelipas Nogah, which constitutes a mixture of good and evil.[6] However, the Nefesh HaSichlis stems from a higher level of Kelipas Nogah, while the Nefesh HaBehamis stems from a lower level of Kelipas Nogah.[7]

Then there is the lower level of Kelipah, known by the collective title of Sholosh Kelipos HaTemei’os, literally, “The three impure Kelipos.” Aside from a minute spark of holiness hidden very deep down, this level constitutes total evil and selfishness, without any positive aspect.

Kelipas Nogah also acts as the intermediary between Sholosh Kelipos HaTemei’os and Kedushah.[8]

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[2] Ibid. ch. 24: “[The forces of Kelipah] are completely unable to contravene Hashem’s will, for they know and apprehend that He is their life and sustenance, since they nurture from the ‘hinder-most part’ of the blessed Supreme Will that encompasses them.”
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