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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chassidus illuminates the darkness of exile

Original painting by Chana Rivka Hawkins

Chassidus: The Solution for
the Intense Darkness of Exile

Rabbi Y. Oliver

The Rebbe writes:
In the past, there were several paths [derachim] to imbue one’s service of Hashem with enthusiasm. However, we find ourselves in the final generations of “the footsteps of Moshiach,” in which the concealments of G–dliness have increased, and an intense, thick darkness covers the world. 

In this time, this is the appropriate path [derech] for both the many and the individual, a path blazed by our holy Rebbeim, to reach true life in one’s service of Hashem. This is accomplished through studying the inner dimension of Torah, which is the Neshama of the Torah, in general, and by studying the teachings of Chassidus in particular.

Igros Kodesh, Vol. 4, p. 474.
In my own words: Although in earlier generations there were various paths to Hashem, now that heresy and immorality are so prevalent, the Rebbeim have revealed the path of Chassidus and made it possible for Jews to follow it (see here) in order to illuminate this intense darkness. Thus, it is vital that every single Jew follow this path. (Along these lines, see here.)

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