"Moshiach is ready to come now-our part is to increase in acts of goodness and kindness" -The Rebbe


Below is some nice mail I’ve received over the years in response to my blog posts (each person named below has consented to have his or her name mentioned):
“I’m already subscribed to updates from your blog for some months now. It’s truly a source of inspiration ... and until now, there is not a single article I disagree with, quite the contrary. Kol HaKovod for your work and dissemination of the source of Chassidus to the masses, which shall surely contribute to bring Moshiach sooner.”

~Moshe Abramovitz, Paris, France

“I wanted to tell you that the first time I ran into the sicha of 28 Nissan was on your blog, and I was very inspired by the sicha (obviously) and your write-up of it.  I don't think I knew anything of D'var Malchus sichos at the time. That particular post gave me a major push, and one of those ones that actually lasts. So, shekoyach! And one more thing, I love the Igros Kodesh quote on the top of the blog. It's very powerful.”
~Aryeh Gurewitz, Philadelphia, PA

“You are mamash one of my main lifelines to a chassidishe life here in Ft. Myers. A groiseh yasher koach to you; thank you so much!”

~Malka Forshner, Ft. Myers, Florida

“Really inspiring and elevating every time! ... Truly uplifting and rich! Your penetration into both oft-discussed and rarely-looked-at Chassidism with a perspective that is both based on authentic sources and yet contemporary leaves the reader with a geshmakeh conviction that Chassidus is indeed relevant, and that fighting to bring the redemption is achievable.”

~Rabbi Moshey Levin, Los Angeles, California

“Thanks again for your posts, which always make me think, and that I learn a lot from. ... Thanks for putting clearly what I was thinking for a while. ... I always look forward to your emails for my daily (or however often) shot of Chassidus - they help me keep my standards up!”

~Mushkie Engel, Adelaide, Australia

“How right you are! And how well put! I will be using this article to explain our view to the many people who have already asked or commented on this subject, and the many who surely will over Yom Tov. Let me take this opportunity to thank you personally for the time and effort that you put into all your articles. They are magnificent and thought provoking.”

~Channie Kurinsky, Melbourne, Australia

“I enjoy reading your very inspiring articles on your website. Thanks for spreading Chassidus.

~Michal Goldenberg, Baltimore, Maryland
“Thank you for your wonderful blog! Recently I put together a booklet for my seminary as a hachana to Gimmel Tammuz. It was hard to find well-put articles for well-versed Chabad girls, so I was very glad to find your blog. (Don't worry, I followed your copyright rules...) Thanks again, and please do subscribe me!”

~Bruria Freeman, Tel Aviv, Land of Israel

“This was a well-written piece that I can forward to certain people in our community. So even though I lack the guts to say it ... Boruch Hashem, you did it for me!”


Yasher Koach!! ... I really appreciate your hard work in writing this up; I don't always have a chance to read everything, as a busy mother ... but I take a peek whenever I can. This morning I checked my e-mail and was so glad to find a concise letter summing up our avodah on this heilige day [Gimmel Tammuz], so even as we are busy preparing for Shabbos, etc., we can keep our perspective as chassidim foremost in our minds.”

“Thank you again for your wonderful articles; I enjoy them a lot, and often pass them along to my friends.”

~Rivka Katz, Los Angeles

“Thank you for sending me these. I've learned a lot and send them around to people I think might be interested. It's an important resource. Your blog is quite good and I've read some of it--there's a lot and I don't have so much time! What is so interesting about your blog is that the articles come into the email, they're not too long and I read them. But there's also the possibility to look and learn further in the blog itself.”

~Riva Weinberger, Antwerp

“I cannot thank you enough for referring me to the Chassidishe Farbrengen. I have gained a great deal from the entirety of it. ... Each article of yours is like a hidden gem - literally; I have the sense of having discovered something seemingly small and presenting some nice bits of Torah, yet it shines forth great amounts of light and makes my eyes open wide.”

~Yehoshua Solomon, Baltimore
Hi Rabbi, Yasher koach! You’re doing amazing work!! Your blog is soo clear and full of sources; it’s clear how much work that entails. I want to use an article for a program here in seminary.
~Malka Reyna Albukerk, New York
“I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed the latest things you sent out. One of them was something my teenager was ‘crying” to me about just the night before - how she sometimes does the right thing, and she davens, and learns, etc. but she sometimes feels disconnected from it. And the sicha you presented was just about how to continue to do those Mitzvos, and to study Torah and let it permeate you, and this will lead the person to being connected and will drive those alien thoughts out of the mind and essence of the person. Thank you. When she saw this the next day - after our conversation - she smiled, and said, ‘Oh, it is hashgacha protis. It is like he knew we were talking about it.’”

~Sarah Leah Lawent, Yerushalayim

“Thank you, my personal hachonos [preparations] for Yud Shevat just got so much easier! ... I am looking at your blogs, which I find very fascinating and inspiring ... I find so much of the material meaningful to me as a chassid, and quite understandable.”

~YC, Brooklyn

“Hope all is well. I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks. I have found your past several posts to be inspiring toward inner change. I appreciate inspiration in that direction.”

~Nathaniel Davis, Baltimore

“I really enjoy your writing and I am a regular 'lurker' on your blog.”

~Rabbi Berel Goldberg, Brooklyn, New York

“I just came across your blog and I cannot stop reading.”

~Chaya, Manchester

“I really enjoy all of your articles. I think you have a wonderful talent for writing and giving over the Rebbe's inyanim. I learn in Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon (in L.A., by the Rosh), and I often print out your articles to share with the other bochurim, and they all love it! :) You should go from chayil to chayil in everything that you do. And most importantly, because of what you are doing, Moshiach should come now, l'matah measara tefochim!!”

~Joshua Soudakoff, Los Angeles

“I mammash can’t stop going through old entries [on your blog]! Many of your posts address nisyonos in avodas Hashem and questions in Chabad Chassidus I’ve had. It’s refreshing to encounter such a blog. I stopped reading some of the other ‘frum’ blogs, that are frum only in name. It’s important, and even when critical, say of goyishkeit and its influences, like modern hellenism and college, it’s not in a meanspirited way.”

“Beautiful!! Thank you for a very uplifting post.”

“Thank you! I’m sticking this up on my wall!”

“Great post. ... Still waiting to see what Hashem has in store for us! ... In the meantime, your blog will keep us afloat as we struggle to be true Chasidei Chabad wherever we may be. Thank you for your inspiring writings.”
Below is some nice mail I’ve received (again, published here with consent) in response to my list that distributes updates of the Rebbes horaos (directives), care of Reb Levi Stolik 'שי:
“Thank you so much for sending these. They really help me stay focused on the time and stay connected to Yiddishkeit and to the Rebbe. Thanks!”

~Miriam Amzalak, Melbourne.
“Thank you so much for sending this; every time it comes out, it's awesome! Sorry I don't thank you every time, but I print them and read them; they're amazing.”

~Yoey Muchnik, Camarillo, CA.
“Thank you so much for these emails; they are really good! We print the booklets for home and school, and everyone is inspired!”
~Mushky Gordon, Melbourne.

“Thank you for sending this. I'm shocked to find how big a deal Tu BiShvat is - after BiShvat. Thank you so much for sending it to me and please know that it makes a big difference - for me - and so for my whole family, sheyichyu.”
“Thank you very much for sending the hora'os. We have a cheder here and we give it out to all the teachers to implement.”

“This info. is amazing!”

“This is excellent. Thank you; I will use it for my shiur.”

“This is so thorough and helpful. Thank you. Iy"H we will all be able to use it and bring about actual results!”

“I greatly appreciate you sending me the horaos of the yomim tovim every time. It is a great help for us.”