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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rebbe and chossid: An ever-increasing bond

Some may think that although the Rebbe remains with us after his passing, perhaps the intensity of his blessings and bond with his chassidim diminishes with time. The Rebbe teaches us below that in fact, the opposite is the case:
... Yet even these hidden, sealed-away treasures [the teachings of Chassidus Chabad] were revealed in this generation, and until today the [Previous] Rebbe, my father-in-law, the Leader of our Generation, is revealing them further and further, for even after [his passing in] 5710 he did not abandon his flock. Moreover, he is found with us in a way of ever-increasing holiness from year to year. This year, 5746, he is with us in an even higher manner than he was last year, 5745, and so it will continue until the Moshiach comes, and even afterwards.

For although after Moshiach arrives, “one man will not teach his fellow, saying, ‘come, know G–d,’ for they will all know Me, small and great alike,”[1] there will still be a difference between “great” and “small.” This also means that there will still be a difference between students and Rebbes, such that every student will be together with his Rebbe, and through him he will join with G–d’s very Essence—“they will know Me”—in a way of an “intermediary who [only] connects”[2] (unlike a translator [who also divides]).

Hisva’aduyos 5746, Vol. 1, p. 88.

[1] Yeshaya 31:33.
[2] See Sefer HaSichos Toras Shalom, p. 158. Likkutei Sichot, Vol. 2, p. 510. See here.
In my own words: Here the Rebbe says that even after the Previous Rebbe’s Histalkus (passing) on Yud Shevat, the Previous Rebbe is still with the chassidim, and continues revealing chassidus to them and leading them. Moreover, he does so in an ever-increasing manner. (This appears to be based on the principle the “one should constantly rise higher in holiness”—Berachos 28a.) In fact, this bond will continue until Moshiach comes, and even after, for even then the relationship of chossid and Rebbe will continue, with each chossid together with his Rebbe.

Lesson: According to the principle of “he ruled concerning himself” discussed here, the Rebbe’s statement concerning the Previous Rebbe surely teaches us how we, as the Rebbe’s chassidim, should relate to him after Gimmel Tammuz. Not only has his flow of blessings and personal guidance not decreased with time after his Histalkus, but it increases constantly.

Moreover, the personal bond that chassidim establish with the Rebbe now, even after his Histalkus, will continue and grow all the more close after Moshiach comes, for this bond will enable the chassidim to connect with the lofty divine revelations of the Messianic age, and even the revelation of Hashem’s very Essence.

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