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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The impact of Mitzvos on the world

There are four possible states of holiness in an object with which a Mitzvah is performed. In order of least to greatest:
  1. the raw components of the object before it has been prepared or designated for a Mitzvah, at which point there is no holiness—such as the paper that one may use for a Torah book;

  2. once the object has been fully prepared or designated for Mitzvah use it has become sanctified to a certain degree—such as a Torah book that has been printed, but has not yet been studied;

  3. an object that has been used for a Mitzvah, which is fit to be used again, is all the more holy—such as a Torah book that has been studied;

  4. the most intense state of holiness in the object is present during Mitzvah performance—such as a Torah book while it is being studied.
Being aware of these states of holiness in the objects around us enables us to be sensitive to this holiness in our day-to-day life.

Adapted from the Previous Rebbe’s Reshimas Chag HaShavuos 5675,
with references and explanatory notes from the Rebbe.

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