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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Rebbe Answers Our Post-Gimmel Tammuz Questions

Many chassidim have questions, valid questions, about how to be a chossid after Gimmel Tammuz, when we cannot physically interact with the Rebbe as we could before Gimmel Tammuz, and especially before 27 Adar.

I have overheard and participated in lengthy discussions on this topic. But with all due respect, there is no need for speculation and philosophizing on the matter. The core question on every
chossid’s mind should be “How does the Rebbe want me to approach this situation?” And the answer is that first and foremost, this can only be ascertained through delving sincerely into his words.

The Rebbe prepared us for this situation in his
sichos throughout the years. In particular, it appears to me (as I have been taught by my teachers) that according to the principle of “he ruled concerning himself” discussed here, the best guide for a chossid in relating to the Rebbe after Gimmel Tammuz is the sichos that the Rebbe delivered during the years immediately following Yud Shevat. In these sichos (for the Hebrew, see here, here, and here) the Rebbe demonstrates how a chossid should relate to a Rebbe after the Rebbe’s Histalkus, maintaining and even increasing his bond. These sichos have even been translated and released by Sichos In English under the title of “Proceeding Together” (see here, here, and here).

I have pointed out some of these sources on this blog, but there is simply no substitute for thoroughly studying these sources inside. In my opinion, these sources are the “manual” for a
chossid in relating to the Rebbe today. I really don’t understand how people who have not learned through these sichos function as chassidim in this time, considering that they lack this crucial guidance. I am not in the least bit surprised when I see people who have clearly not learnt these sichos floundering in confusion.

I do not claim that these sichos resolve every possible question that may arise concerning the relationship of chossid and Rebbe today; however, the core issues are discussed and clarified, thereby providing tremendous strength and encouragement in this time of darkness and doubts. Try it and see!


  1. those sichos are based on the last sichos of the fridika rebe. the rebe said that his shver left every thing clear for us. our rebbe left everything superclear for us in 5751 and 5752. I don't understand how anyone can be a lubavicher without nun alef, nun beis.

  2. If you read my post, you'll see that the issue I am addressing is: How is a Chabad Chossid to relate to the Rebbe after his Histalkus, being that one cannot see him, hear Maamarim, Sichos, etc. How does one approach this specific situation? This is a very practical question about which there is much confusion. It was concerning this issue that I wrote that guidance can be found in the Rebbe's own words after the Histalkus of the Frierdiker Rebbe.

    However, when it comes to our current mission, I am in full agreement that Chassidim should look for guidance concerning this in the Rebbe's most recent sichos.


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