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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Refining the sparks within the nations

The Rebbe Maharash teaches:

“Hashem did a charity for us by scattering us among the nations.”[1] Why was this a charity? For by scattering us among the nations, He enabled us to fulfill a special mission: To refine the sparks of holiness hidden within them.

This is the deeper meaning of Hashem’s blessing to the Jewish people, “You will eat all the nations.”[2] Eating represents birur, refinement, and G–d then declared that the Jewish people would ultimately “eat up” and refine the sparks of holiness that lie hidden within the nations and their countries.

This is also the deeper meaning of Hashem’s statement to the Jewish people: “You shall be for me a segulah from all the nations”[3]—from all the gentile nations. I.e., when we refine them, we, the Jewish people, become a segulah, a beloved treasure, for Hashem.

Based on Sefer HaMa’amarim Toras Shmuel 5729, p. 65.

Jews refine non-Jews in several ways. When Jews interact with non-Jews in an upstanding, righteous manner, and make a kiddush Hashem (“sanctification of Hashem’s Name”):

– they[4] act as a “Light unto the nations,”[5] inspiring certain non-Jews to adopt a more refined, wholesome, G–d-centered lifestyle, seeing the shining example set by the Jewish people;

– they inspire certain non-Jews to come and learn from Jews how to serve Hashem as is required for them, by keeping the Noahide laws; moreover, Jews who have the opportunity (especially when they already have connections with non-Jews for business purposes, or the like) even approach non-Jews and convince them to undertake to follow the Noahide laws, and in this way they fulfill Rambam’s ruling[6] that Jews must encourage non-Jews to fulfill their laws;

– they inspire certain non-Jews to convert, for “Hashem only exiled the Jewish people among the nations in order to increase converts.”[7]

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[7] Pesachim 87b. See Orchos Tzaddikim, Gate of Truth: “One should not lie to a Jew or a non-Jew, or deceive them in any matter. ... Hashem only exiled the Jewish people in order to increase converts, and as long as they [Jews] behave with them [non-Jews] without deception, [non-Jews] will attach themselves to them [Jews].”

This post was dedicated by Reb Yeshayahu Don ben Chayah Tsipah and Sheila Shulamit bas Sarah Beila in honor of their wedding anniversary, and in honor of the yohrtzeit of Tsvi Horst Lubinizki.

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